Know How to Fix MOV Header File Corruption

Does your system fails to load .mov file? Are you getting error message while playing stored .mov video file? Looking to get rid of it? If so, then your search gets ended here. Now, it is possible to fix MOV header file corruption issue.

MOV Header File Corruption: What does It Mean?

As we know, every file system contains an header file that stores all the relevant information regarding its data type, size, file creation time, file modification time, etc. Apart from that, .mov file also use powerful compressive algorithm to compress and store large number of video files in a organized way. However, if any how the header file gets corrupted or lost, then the result will be very devastating. All your favorite .mov video become unaccessible and it can’t be recognized by any of the multimedia devices.


What are the Reasons Behind MOV Header File Corruption?

After several manipulation, the experts comes to the opinion that, there are numerous of reasons that lead to emergence of corruption issue. Abnormal system termination, storing numerous of video files with same name and extension, interrupting read/write operation in midway are some of them. Wait, that not the end of road, pressing wrong delete button and mishandling of the stored file are some of the common causes that makes the entire file format inaccessible. At this juncture, several users might surrounded by a misconception that, once the stored data gets corrupted or lost, it can’t be recovered back. If you are the one who have such misunderstanding then you are definitely wrong and you need to clarify your doubts.

How to Fix MOV Header File Corruption Issue?

In such case, if your .mov header file become unresponsive and you fails to play any of the stored video, then don’t be puzzled. At this juncture, backup plays an important role for you, one can easily be able to restore all MOV videos back to its original state. But, for that you need an updated backup file. Have’nt created any backup of your data? Or, you have a partial backup?

What to Do Next?

In such situation, the only way that comes into play, is to go for some eminent recovery option. MOV video recovery software is one among them, which has the capability to repair and fix .mov header file problem. No matter what the reasons are, the tool works well in all cases and provide better recovery option for you. Its highly interactive interface and advance scanning algorithm adds an extra wing to its effectiveness. Furthermore, mov recovery software also provide 3-pan view of all the ongoing process, so that users able to know whether its trustworthy or not. Beside that, the tool is well compatible with all Windows as well as Mac OS X. SO, what are you waiting for, just download it and recover .mov file back.


User Guide to Run MOV Recovery Software

Step 1: Download & install MOV Recovery Tool and attach the media source to your PC.

Step 2: Select the media volume and click on start scan button.

Step 3: After scanning, this tool will shows a list of all files format. From that, you can aslo able to select only the desired files you want to repair.

Step 4: After the rearing process gets overred, a list of repaired files is shown along with their preview.

Step 5: Finally to store your recovered file at the desired location, select that and click on recover option.

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