Fix MOV After Header Corruption

Does MOV remain unplayable after header damaged? This type of incident sometimes occur during playing video. Header plays crucial role in the proper access of any video, so any sort of damaged and missing header information would certainly lead to video inaccessible. It is very tough to recognize media players instead of header information. As result the video refuses to play in all media players. There is a misconception among users that changing media player would resolve the issue which is not useful So for making the video accessible and get rid from this issue, it is extremely necessary to fix MOV after header corruption. Let us have a look certain liable factors for this problem which are following.

  • Forcibly trying to play video in incompatible players.
  • Due to wrong handling of file.
  • When malware or virus intrusion takes place in MOV.
  • Because of interruption while transferring file.
  • Due to changing the video format improperly etc.

resolve MOV after header corruption         resolve MOV after header corruption

In order to resolve the problem you can either try to downloading video or looking elsewhere in the system for its backup which is truly a cumbersome situation. Isn’t it. Alternatively MOV Video Recovery Software is the best and ultimate alternative option which lets you to repairing and restoring the damaged video irrespective of reasons. The tool is equipped with latest and proficient scanning algorithm which perform repairing task with ease. Therefore now you have certain understanding on how to resolve MOV after header corruption.

Procedures For MOV Repairing

Step 1 : Start MOV Video Recovery Software.

resolve MOV after header corruption

Step 2 : Volume needs to be chosen.

resolve MOV after header corruption

Step 3 : File file format can be selected here.

resolve MOV after header corruption

Step 4 : You can view result of scan.

resolve MOV after header corruption

Step 5 : At last you have to specify the destination.

resolve MOV after header corruption resolve MOV after header corruption       resolve MOV after header corruption

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